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Total Spa Escape Gift Set

Thrilled to launch the ‘Total Spa Escape’ gift set!!! 

Not only do we have our sage and citrus hand & body cream and unscented nourishing face cream, and moisturizing lip balm, and our soothing neem balm, AND our Bright Eyes under eye serum, AND our handcrafted soap dish, we have our brand NEW revitalizing face mist!

Our Revitalizing Face Mist is NEW NEW NEW!!!  We have been testing it on humans (mostly women) and it’s a HIT!!!  It’s like being misted with the spa!!!  It’s a must try!!!

All this coupled with our Bali Escape nourishing soap, how can you go wrong!!! 

It’s a shame you cannot smell the aroma from this gift set!!

For details on all ingredients, please view all the individual products on our site or email us for further information.