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Everything is better with Neem Gift Set

Finally... You asked and we have delivered… the ‘Everything is better with neem’ gift set!!! 

We have some absolutely fantastic products that we make with Neem oil, among other amazing oils, like Babassu oil.  There are so many benefits to these oils – please check out the benefits in our ‘shop all’ collection and Neem oil page.  We have so many clients who just LOVE our Neem oil product line.

In this gift set, we have our iconic Raw Silk bar, our Soothing Neem Balm, and our Neem oil shampoo bar – all of course with Neem oil in them.  The Soothing Neem Balm also has Babassu oil – you seriously can’t get any better than that!

We’ve then added our incredible smoothing conditioner bar – if you’ve never tried a condition bar (or a shampoo bar for that matter), now is your time!

And then we have topped it off with our unscented face cream, hand & body cream, and lip balm.

This entire gift set is really tailored to those with challenging or sensitive skin.

For details on all ingredients, please view all the individual products on our site or email us for further information.